Youth Travel Hockey Leagues

  • There are many perks to each level of the game. Every level you go up the skill, speed, and price rices each and every level. It could take years to go from B Level to AA Level. It also takes dedication as if you want to improve many players take private lessons to improve on their own and get ahead. Click on each link to find out about each level.
  • For each age you play with a certain age group which goes as follows: Ages 8 or under are known as, "mites." Ages 9-10 are known as, "Squirts." Ages 11-12 are known as, "Peewee's." However here is where this a big leap when you get into the next age group. From mites to Peewee's there is no checking, meaning no open ice hits or hitting at all. However, there is still body contact. USA Hockey decided to take out hitting for Peewee's back in 2012 due to too many injuries. Continuing, the next age group is from 13-14 which are known as, "Bantams." From 15-16 you are in the, "U16 midget" level. From 17-18 you are in the, "U18 midget" level. Once you get to midget level you are allowed to play for any team consiting of, U16 or U18 because checking is allowed making the game fair no matter the size. Once you are above 18, you play at whats called, "Junior" Ice hockey which is similar to college hockey but different since you're not in a college. These are the age groups that is the same for each skill level.