Basics Of Ice Hockey *SITE ISN'T COMPLETE*

  • In this website you will be able to learn different techniques whether it's skating or shooting. As you can see above is a menu of the different topics. Enjoy!
  • In youth Ice Hockey, there is a league for beinners called, "In-House" Hockey similar to rec leauges in youth soccer. However, in travel hockey there is a ranking system of four different levels consisting of, "B", "A", "AA", and "AAA." In some states there are also other levels like, "C" or "BB" but the first four are more common. There are lots of information about each league from the speed of the game to the price of each league. You can find out more information below.
  • Ice Hockey is known as the most expensive youth sport nationwide, even equipment comes at a hefty price. Depending on your age and size, having an entire set of equipment for Ice Hockey could run up to thousands of dollars, especially if you want decent padding, skates, helmets, etc. Click on the links below to find out more.
  • Pricing is one of the biggest problems when it comes to Ice Hockey. Depending on the level your kid plays at it could consume from at least, $1000 to even $30,0000 A YEAR. When it comes to club hockey it isn't just fees and padding. It includes money for going out of state (hotel, car rental, plane tickets) as well as little perks such as skate sharpening and tape. To find out more for pricing you could visit the links leagues and gear.